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A legacy of architecture
Since returning and forming the group in 1982 we have focussed on the business of design - understanding that whilst form and function are basic tenets of projects, they are only tools in creating financially successful and viable outcomes. Along the way we became part of a leading consultancy in retail banking network architecture and design, undertaking more than 900 projects in New Zealand and SE Asia.

‍The genesis of CDA/ Pacific was in the late 70’s, a time of drawing boards and telex machines, learning to merge the developing principles of design and the commercial realities of capital projects in the volatile emerging markets of the Middle East and Asia.
Specialists in hotel design
Twenty years ago, we perceived the rapidly expanding opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry and made the design and development of hotels our business. The team has wide experience working on various hotel project briefs across many different markets including; the Pacific, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA, whilst remaining a specialised New Zealand based architecture and design company, merging a deep knowledge and understanding of the economics and strategies of that business, with the aspirations of design.

We are highly proactive, often originating project feasibilities and opportunities, and enjoy close and enduring relationships with our clients and many of the international hotel brands, which continues to grow from project to project.